9th NovAliX Conference | Hybrid Event

Biophysics in Drug Discovery 2023 | US Edition

Developing the Synergy between Biophysics and Medicinal Chemistry to Deliver Better Drugs

 The Notary Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, United States & Virtual    April 26-28, 2023

We are extremely pleased to announce that the 9th NovAliX Conference Biophysics in Drug Discovery is scheduled from April 26 to 28, 2023 in Philadelphia, PA, United States. After the positive experience made in 2022 with the hybrid format in Munich, and to keep providing access to a broader audience, virtual participation will also be possible!

The live event offering unprecedented social experiences will be specifically designed to enhance the meshing and mingling opportunities with peer scientists along the conference. The professionally broadcasted conference will allow distant participants to enjoy a high-quality digital experience.

This ninth edition of the NovAliX Conference aims to bring together the community of biophysicists, structural biologists, pharmacologists and medicinal chemists, to explore synergies between their disciplines to deliver better drugs on a shorter timeline.

Indeed many pharmaceutical companies have set up in-house biophysical and structural biology platforms to speed up the target-to-candidate process and improve the quality of small-molecule therapeutics through a better understanding of their interactions with their targets. Academic labs involved in early-stage drug discovery also heavily rely on biophysical and structural biology techniques. And many synchrotron facilities now also include cryo-EM to offer a more complete, versatile panel of structure determination capacities, in particular for drug discovery projects.

The Conference Program will include the following Sessions:

  • Biophysical Assays for PROTACs and Molecular Glues
  • Covalent Drug Discovery
  • Small Molecules Targeting RNA / Understanding Small-Molecule Selectivity Towards RNA
  • Hybrid Methods and Technique Combinations
  • Emerging Technologies - New Biophysical Approaches for Measuring Molecular Interactions

Selected vendors will be presenting their latest drug discovery enabling products. In addition, to further promote scientific interactions for the participants, there will be both an active on-site and virtual poster session.

The full scientific event will be accessible to all registered delegates, both on site in Philadelphia and via top notch broadcasting to be enjoyed from remote.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us for this next-level kind of conference!

Jean-Paul Renaud
NovAliX Conferences Chairman