Reinventing Drug Discovery, from Retrospective to Perspectives

10th NovAliX Conference - Anniversary Edition

Hybrid Conference

 Brunnen, Switzerland & Virtual    June 2-4, 2024

The 10th NovAliX Conference - Anniversary Edition will be held in Brunnen, Switzerland, from June 2-4, 2024. As the available seats in Brunnen are sold out, virtual participation is now also possible!

For this 10th anniversary edition, we thought of a different approach, to step back and focus the programme on "Reinventing Drug Discovery, from Retrospective to Perspectives".

We aim to address the major developments of the last thirty years that affected the discovery sector, not only at the scientific level, but also in terms of industrial organisation of the discovery part and its financing, of the academia-industry relationships, and more.

The programme will be split into five Sessions:

  • Unmet Therapeutic Needs: Current Challenges
  • New Modalities as New Frontiers of Drug Discovery
  • Present and Future Tools for Drug Discovery
  • Vision for the Future of Drug Discovery
  • Financial Perspectives on the Future of the Industry

and will showcase lectures by renown scientists from pharmaceutical research in its broadest sense. We will also discuss with representatives from the financial community about their vision of our industry and its future.

In this optic, we are honoured to mention that, for the session on Vision for the Future of Drug Discovery, the following speakers accepted our invitation to share their thoughts with the audience:

  • Claude BERTRAND, Institut Servier
  • Karin BRINER, Genentech
  • Harren JHOTI, Astex Pharmaceuticals
  • Paul STOFFELS, Galapagos

This Anniversary edition should, as such, gather scientists but also entrepreneurs, financiers, industrialists and consultants operating in the pharma sector, to interact in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Looking forward to meeting you in Brunnen!

The Organising Committee